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Submission of Proposal

Trans Pacific Press focuses on English-language scholarly books on Japan and Asia in the humanities and social sciences. Specifically, we are looking for works in the fields of area studies (Japanese studies, Asian studies), anthropology, sociology, history, political science, environmental studies, religious studies, art, literature, and more. We are interested in publishing works that have the potential to offer new uniquely Japanese perspectives to the academic community in Europe, the United States, and beyond.

Priority will be given to works that have already been completed in English.

Please submit your proposal via email to Proposals can be in Japanese or English. Your email should include the following information:

  1. Title of the book
  2. Summary of the book
  3. A link to the Japanese version of the book, if it has been published
  4. Length (number of pages, number of words)
  5. Table of contents
  6. Introductory chapter (if completed)
  7. Materials on the background of the author(s), such as a resume or URL to a website with a profile (including a list of previous publications)
  8. Availability of publication grants, a research fund, or production costs the author(s) can cover

After we receive the book proposal, our commissioning editor conducts an internal review and organizes external peer review. Reports are sent to the author(s) for a written response. All materials (proposal, reports, and response) are presented to our Editorial Advisory Board for approval. Based on the Editorial Advisory Board’s decision, the commissioning editor contacts the author(s) with the offer of a book publishing contract or to reject the proposal.