Shipping and Postage

We offer two ways for you to order and ship books. On each product page, there is an "Add to Cart (Ships from Japan)" button and a "Buy on Amazon (Ships from Your Nearest Warehouse)" button.

If you choose "Add to Cart (Ships from Japan)," we will ship the books from Japan, where Trans Pacific Press headquarters are located. In this case, depending on where you live, we will charge you US$ 7.50 (roughly 1000 yen) for shipping within Japan and US$ 11.00 (roughly 1500 yen) for shipping to other countries and regions.

Customers who choose "Buy on Amazon (Ships from your nearest warehouse)" will be redirected to Amazon's product site on the next page after clicking the button. Please select the format you want (hardback, paperback, or ebook) and make your payment on Amazon. The book will then be shipped by the book distributor closest to your location. This is recommended because it will save you money on shipping costs and reduce the delivery time.