Yuko Uematsu

December 27 , 2021

Book Review - Amorphous Dissent

Our book Amorphous Dissent has been featured in an academic journal, as follows.

Amorphous Dissent takes up recent social movements that have formed a significant presence in Japanese society since 3.11, such as the protests against nuclear power plants, the movement opposing the Security Law, Amateur Revolt, rallies to counter hate speech, and the anti-base movement in Okinawa. The authors positioned them as new movements against the background of social disorganization and deinstitutionalization. This is a good book that offers a vision of the potential for social movements to respond to globalization.

Annual Report of the Japan Society of Political Science, Vol. 2021-II, p. 450
Reviewed by Kazuhiro Asano, a professor at Nihon University


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