Yuko Uematsu

March 11 , 2022

Book Review - Amorphous Dissent

Our book Amorphous Dissent has been featured in an academic journal, as follows.

"Overall, the book paints an interesting picture of the decline in importance of social movement organisations and roles of leadership, and an increase in the horizontal mobilisation of previously unconnected individuals. […] While the world continues to struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has taken on even greater importance in people’s lives, social inequalities are on the rise in Japan and elsewhere, and so are issues of contention. Thus, the conversation continues. This volume is a relevant contribution to the literature on social movements in post-3.11 Japan. I would particularly recommend the Introduction and chapters 1 and 2 as good resources for students either of Japanese Studies or of social movements in general, as the authors do a fine job in illustrating the parallel global shifts and the large-scale social movements elsewhere occurring in tandem with movements in Japan."

Social Science Japan Journal
Published on 18 January 2022

Reviewed by Barbara HOLTHUS, German Institute for Japanese Studies


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